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What makes PGI different?

Our Unique Focus


PGI’s approach is comprehensive. We work with a client once. We maintain our focus on the success of one project, rather than on selling you the next one.


Our Collaborative Process


We focus exclusively on large-scale profit improvement projects; our team members have world-class experience and are quick studies. We have honed profit improvement to a science that never fails.


Outstanding Results


Large Impact: Companies with which our team has worked have typically increased pretax profits by 20% or more.

Rapid Impact: 67% of the impact is reached within a year on a run-rate basis.

Endorsement: All executives with whom we have worked endorse and recommend PGI.


Our Experienced Team



You will work only with a senior team whose members possess more than 15 years of experience, on average.


Pay-for-Performance Only


We align our interests with our clients. Our fee is entirely contingent on the financial impact of our project on your performance.


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